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Philippine Institute of Volcanology
and Seismology

Brief Description of Mandate/Functions with respect to Geoscientific Activities:

  1. Predict the occurrence of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, their associated hazards and other related geotectonic processes.
  2. Determine how eruptions and earthquakes may occur and identify areas likely to be affected.
  3. Generate sufficient data and develop databases, methodologies and techniques for predicting volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and their related processes.
  4. Mitigate risks associated with volcanic, seismic and geotectonic processes through establishment, operation and maintenance of appropriate detection, prediction and warning systems.
  5. Provide inputs for the formulation of appropriate disaster preparedness and loss reduction action plans.

Ongoing Projects/Research Activities:

  1. Operation and maintenance of volcanological observatories
  2. Ground deformation network development
  3. GPS monitoring of active volcanoes and active faults in the Philippines
  4. Chemistry and monitoring of volcano fluids in active and potentially active volcanoes in the Philippines
  5. National lahar mapping
  6. Volcanic hazards identification and mapping
  7. Hazardous volcanic products and processes
  8. Earthquake monitoring and network development
  9. Seismic data processing and management
  10. Operation and maintenance of strong motion network
  11. Ground motion hazard assessment using probabilistic and deterministic approaches
  12. Seismic microzonation of key cities in the Philippines
  13. Seismic hazards identification and mapping
  14. Paleoseismology and mapping of active faults
  15. Earthquake risk mitigation for Metro Manila

C.P. Garcia Avenue, University of the Philippines Campus
Diliman, Quezon City

Head of Agency:
Dr. Raymundo S. Punongbayan

Permanent Representative:
Renato U. Solidum, Jr.
Chief Science Research Specialist
Geology and Geophysics Research and Development Division

Alternate Representative:

Telephone No. (63-2)4261468 to 79

Fax No. (63-2)9263225/9207058

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