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National Institute of Geological Sciences

Brief Description of Mandate/Functions with respect to Geoscientific Activities:
NIGS was created through Executive Order No. 889 by the President of the Republic of the Philippines on March 1983. In order to implement the Executive Order, the Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines System authorized the organization of the NIGS out of the Geology Section of the former Department of Geology and Geography of the then College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) in Diliman, Quezon City on May 26, 1983. Upon the reorganization of the CAS into three distinct Colleges: the College of Arts and Letters (CAL), College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) and the College of Science (CS), the NIGS is now an academic unit under the CS. Actual operation of the NIGS started in January 1984.

The NIGS is a national center of excellence for the advancement, dissemination and application of geology via its teaching, research and extension-service facility. As a teaching facility, the NIGS offers undergraduate and graduate programs that emphasize mineral and energy-resource exploration and environmental-resource assessment and management. Moreover, basic and applied research regarding certain geologic issues, including the benefits these confer and the problems they may pose to society are dealt with. Fields of geosciences which are perceived to be critical to national development such as Coal Geology, Engineering Geology, Environmental Geology, Marine Geology and Quaternary Geology are currently being developed.

Ongoing Projects/Research Activities:

  1. Dr. Carlo A. Arcilla
    (1) Revival of the XRD And XRF units of the NIGS
    (2) Fabrication of resistivity meter for use in geophysics instruction
    (3) Microscopic and X-ray characterization of Serpentine in Philippine Construction materials.
    (4) What are the sources of Luzon volcanoes?
    (5) Gold-occurrence and environmental study of tailings from the Lutopan orebody, Toledo City, Cebu
  2. Dr. Francis E. Casareo
    (1) A petrographic study of the Linut-od and Calagasan Coal Measures, Southern Cebu Island
    (2) Interactive Manual for Petroleum Geology (Geology 190)
    (3) Petrographic Characterization of Philippine Coal Deposits: A study for coal utilisation & source-rock possibilities
  3. Dr. Sandra G. Catane
    (1) Characterization of Landslides in the Philippines (Part 1)
    (2) Tephra Studies in the South China Sea: Implication of Recent Large-scale Volcanic Eruptions in the Philippines
    (3) Vesicularity of Pumice and Glass Fragments as an Index of Explosivity of Volcanic Eruptions
  4. Dr. Marietta M. de Leon
    (1) The foraminifera In Bavuit Bay, El Nido Palawan: Its Paleoenvironmental Distribution & Implications
  5. Dr. Leopoldo P. de Silva, Jr.
    (1) Sub-arctic frontal boundary migration along Shatsky Rise, Northwest Pacific during the last 300 Kyr.
    (2) planktonic foraminiferal Flux in Sediment Trap Samples from South China Sea
  6. Dr. Joselito P. Duyanen
    (1) Sediment Control on "Toxic Red Tide Blooms" and Record of Bloom Occurrence in Bay Sediments Study 2: Influence of the Geochemical Character of the Substrate in triggering the blooms
    (2) Selected Geochemical Profiles of Sonne 132 and 140 Sediment Cores from Lingayen Gulf (Year 1)
  7. Dr. Joseph M. Foronda
    (1) Sedimentology of the Taog Formation, NW Leyte
    (2) An Assessment of the effects of the Land Use on Water & Sediment Quality in Selected Sites of the Agno River Basin
  8. Dr. Mahar A. Lagmay
    (1) Runout of Mayon Volcano Pyroclastic Flows
  9. Dr. Eddie L. Listanco
    (1) Variation in Trace Element Chemistry of Major Silicates Phases in Selected Philippine Arc Magmas-Year 1
    (2) Philippine Geological Features and Geotourism
    (3) Southern Luzon Volcanic Arc Chain: Controls on Crustal Thickness, Source Region Fertility & Magmatic Evolution
  10. Dr. Victor B. Maglambayan
    (1) Writing of Natural Science II Module for U.P. Open Univ.
    (2) Collection of Hand-polished specimens of Au-Ag tellurides for the use of mineralogy & petrography courses in NIGS
    (3) Environmental Administration, Planning & Risk Communication in Gold Rush Areas
    (4) A geological approach to the distribution of the small-scale mining using Hg in Baguio district, Philippines
    (5) Development of Places of Geologic Interest for tourists in Bicol and Calabarzon
    (6) Geologic baselining in hill-based subdivisions in Antipolo and Montalban areas
    (7) The Composition of Electrum & Au-Ag Tellurides in some Philippine Precious Metal Deposits
  11. Dr. Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay
    (1) Downhole Coccolith Recovery from Sonne So-140 Cruise in Lingayen Gulf
    (2) Calcerous Nannoplanktons from Central Lingayen Gulf Cores
  12. Dr. Teodoro M. Santos
    (1) Philippine Geologic Features and tourism
    (2) Policy Review of the Legislative Initiatives for a Comprehensive Alternative System of Solid Waste Mgt: Technological and Economic Dimensions
  13. Dr. Fernando P. Siringan
    (1) Changes in Agno river Watershed as Recorded by Sediments in the Lingayen Gulf
    (2) Sediment Control on "Toxic Red Tide Blooms" and Records of Bloom Occurences in the Bay, Study 1: Influence of the Physical Character of the Substrate in Triggering the Blooms (Sedimentology)
  14. Dr. Maria Luisa G. Tejada
    (1) Modeling the Source of the Ontong Java Plateau
    (2) Reconnaissance Geologic Study of the Eastern Magmatic Arc, N. Luzon
  15. Dr. Graciano P. Yumul, Jr.
    (1) RP-France Cooperation Programme in the Geosciences (Ophiolite Component)
    (2) A study of the Bohol crust- mantle suites emplaced in contrasting tectonic environments
    (3) Geological & structural chracterization of a new mining district: Zamboanga Peninsula
    (4) Petrology of the Philippine Ophiolite Complexes: Zamboanga, Rapu-Rapu: Pujada; Mindoro
    (5) Southeastern Luzon Volcanic Arc Chain: Controls on Crustal Thickness, Source Region, Fertility & Magmatic evolution
    (6) Geological baselining of subdivision in Antipolo and immediate vicinity
    (7) Neogene Island Arc: Magmatism in the Central Luzon Area: Trace Element Constraint on Source and Process

National Institute of Geological Sciences
College of Science, U.P. Diliman, Quezon City

Head of Agency:
Dr. Joselito P. Duyanen

Permanent Representative:

Alternate Representative:
Dr. Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Alternate Representative:
Dr. Victor B. Maglambayan
Deputy Director Administration

Telephone No.
(63-2)929-6046 to 47/435-4845/920-5301 to 20 loc 7118/7455

Fax No. (63-2)435-4845

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